shelly amoroso

Generation Best…Where Tradition and Innovation Coexist

When it comes to design, Shelly believes in a new classic style that’s innovative, pared down and relevant for today’s lifestyles. Steeped in the traditions handed down from her family, she creates spaces with a sense of history and timeless elegance. She assimilates the best of a family’s roots and a building’s heritage into her designs and then updates them with a modern twist. Shelly is a graduate of San Diego State University and the Parson’s School of Design in New York. For five years, she learned the trade from her mother, Julie Lanterman, a prominent Bay Area interior designer before opening her own Amoroso Design in 2005.

There’s a spark – a liveliness – to every Amoroso Design space. It’s the energy that comes from a spunky blend of both traditional and contemporary elements. The hallmark of Shelly’s work is her astute combinations that merge past and present…formal and casual…sassy and sophisticated into spaces that are Generation Best. She was voted a Top 5 designer in 2008 by The Chronicle/SF Gate and is a popular guest lecturer and article contributor. Shelly’s passionate about old San Francisco homes – she finds those in desperate need of TLC and gives them her own special dose of design therapy.

"While quality design is a serious undertaking that requires attention to many details, my philosophy is to make the experience for my client as stress free and enjoyable as possible."


calvin murphy

Calvin Murphy: wealthy industrialist, playboy, philanthropist? That is his secret identity. When Calvin is not brokering deals and kissing babies, he is busy making the most of his intellect and intuitive abilities in design and product development. Calvin’s extensive shelter career began with his innate ability to find the most comfortable space in any room in which to nap. As an arbiter of good breeding and social networking, Calvin demonstrates ample moxie as a quality assurance white-glove of warm and inviting rooms where friends, family and their pets will want to gather, eat, enjoy each other’s company, and perhaps play tug-o-war with a tasty twisty rope. He continues to ride the wave of ensuing success at Amoroso Design, where his responsibilities include maintaining an upbeat staff morale, acting as liaison to the Amoroso team and out-sourced contractors and artisans, and napping on various custom poofs to demonstrate cozy sustainability. When he’s not working, he enjoys the beach, sleeping on white furniture after a trip to the beach, and guarding the house. He thanks you for your interest in eclectic and elegant home design, and hopes to meet you very soon.